Hate your job or even your entire career?

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Firstly, you’re not alone

A study by Real Business found that 60% of Brits are unhappy at work, and it’s similar in the US.

Secondly, even if you’ve already tried everything you can think of, there is a solution

There is a way for YOU to get a job you’ll love that pays well. (Even if right now you’re totally stuck and feel there’s no way out.)

Let me ask you:

  1. Are you a professional, or white collar worker, in your 30s or 40s?
  2. Do you draw a blank when trying to think of another career to go into?
  3. Are you fed-up applying for job after job?
  4. Do you want to change career without starting at the bottom or going back to university?
  5. Do you want to be the one who actually gets the job, even when lots of others want it too?

Did you say yes to two or more of those questions?

I am truly sorry to hear that. I have been in that situation too, so I understand how you’re feeling and I’m here to help. The good news is that you’ve just found the solution to transforming career hell into career sucess and career happiness.

“This is the way to fire your boss!”

blue tickThat’s right: get the job you truly want, with the secret tips I’ll give you (proven to be 20 times better than using job adverts)

blue tickStop going for endless interviews and feeling the pain of rejection, because I’ll share with you a system that puts you top of the Hiring Manager’s mind (instead of being put in the bin after 10 seconds)

blue tickEnd years of hating your job and start work you actually enjoy, thanks to little-known techniques I’ll let you in on (which most folks don’t even know they should be using!)

Hi, I’m Mhairi Gordon-Preston, and I help mid-career professionals who are unhappy at work, find new careers they lovephoto of career coach mhairi gordon preston

If you’re ready to find the right career for you, I am here for you – with the New Job New Life program

I’ve successfully changed career three times and coaching helped me do it. Now YOU can benefit from what has worked for many folks who used to be in your shoes, and land the perfect job for you. (Even if you currently think you can’t, or you don’t know what your ideal job is.)

Because I’ve worked with many people in your situation, and been through career change myself, I know what it’s like to wonder if employers will take you seriously, to worry that you’ll have to restart at the bottom, to not know what work is right, and to think you should be “sensible” and lower your expectations.

“Mhairi is a master at helping you realize what is exactly what you need to move forward. She´s been always able to turn my confusion into clarity, and I always end the conversation motivated and knowing exactly what to do next.”

Aida Baida Gil, Spain

Whether you’ve never really known what work you’d like to do, or you know your dream job but don’t think yo’ll get it, you CAN find a job you love, with methods that work for my private clients and thousands of people around the world.

“Mhairi’s coaching provided guidance around juggling an extremely busy and immense workload of taking on a promotion, starting a Masters, and raising my two-year-old! The coaching enabled me to prioritise what was most important, and to juggle extremely demanding work. It was great to have expert coaching during this transition.”

Anna Day, UK

On a scale of 1-10, how much better will your life be when you:

  • are excited on Sunday evenings about Monday mornings – rather than dreading them?
  • have a 9-5 you actually like?

“Before coaching with Mhairi I felt reservation about whether coaching could actually help, and nerves about meeting someone for the first time and sharing something personal. I wanted to work on something which always had career-limiting consequences. Just three days after, I can hand-on-heart say that I have already started to make some positive changes.”
Ann Webster, UK

“The New Job New Life program works well for professionals in their 30s and 40s who know they’re in the wrong job”

Want to discover what it can do for you? Apply to join this amazing program in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Tell me about your current career struggles
  2. Let me know how to reach you (I promise no spam)
  3. We’ll have a private conversation about what you want career-wise and check this is what you’ve been looking for
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